This is a rant that probably only a programmer would get but I will feel better after ranting so here goes. More than a year ago, I created a system for logging transaction data to Microsoft lists on the web that received information from a PLC using ModbusTCP and then storing it in a local mysql database and then uploading it to sharepoint. There are a lot of frameworks that make this possible and not all of them work with the same versions of sharepoint [yes - there are differing versions of sharepoint on the web] So it is no small task to get all the installs to work properly. 

So now I want to create another system that is identical to the old system. I install all the frameworks and my program files show errors. I finally figure out that the problem is in a library called SharePlum for python and the new version is 0.5.0 and the old version 0.2.0 is what I originally used. I downgraded to the older version and everything works. Why would they do that?? It makes no sense. Here is my take away from this -

  • always keep a working image based on the smallest memory card possible.
  • dump a list of all the loaded modules and software from both pip and apt and notice the version numbers

days of effort to find this out so here you go