Name  Application  Use  Water to Make  Mixing instruction  Bath A  Bath B  Bath c    Shelf life 
Cyanotype Emulsion  Use  20 ml  Mix A and B to use

Bath A
1.2g Ferric Ammonium Citrate in 10ml water
Bath B
  .6g Potassium Ferrocyanide in 10ml water

Alternate Contrast
2.0 gm of the citrate and 0.8 gm of the ferricyanide in a total of 20ml *normal contrast* cyanotype solution.
For lower contrast you would approach 4.0 gm citrate and 0.8 gm ferricyanide in the total 20 ml solution Mold will grow in a week or so
Van Dyke Brown Emulsion  Use  100 ml  Mix thee 33ml beakers and add together A to B - then C 9g Ferric Ammonium Citrate 1.5g  Tartaric Acid 3.8g  Silver Nitrate  
Kalitype Emulsion  Use  200 ml Keep 2 solutions Separate until ready to use 100ml water and 10g Silver Nitrate 100 ml water and 20g Ferric Oxilate   Mold can grow in the Ferric Oxilate - The Silver Nitrate Solution can be used to sensitize salt papers or Aubumum
Diafine Film Developer  Use  1 liter  125f to mix Soduim sulfite   35g

hydroquinone     6g

phenidone        .2g

soduin bisulphite 6g
Soduim sulfite   65g

(sodium metaborate 20g

Or, Borax 20 grams, for results like that of D76")
,",3 min per bath"                
Microphen copy Film Developer  Stock  1 liter  10 rolls - 10% per roll - 6 months 100g Sodium Sulfite

5g Hydroquinone

3g Borax

3.5g Boric Acid

1g potassium Bromide

0.2g Phenidone
Mytol (XTOL) Film Developer  Stock  1 liter  http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/xtol/ Sodium Sulphate 60g   Sodium Metaborate 4g   Sodium Ascorbate 13g   Phenidone 0.15g    Sodium Bisulphite  3g         
Split D-23  Film Developer  Use  1 liter    85g Sodium Sulfite
6.5g Metol 
12g Sodium metaborate      
PMK Film Developer  Stock  1 liter  Mix 1:2:100 500ml Water  5g Metol    10g Sodium Bisluphite     50g Pyrogallol       1L water       300g Sodium Metaborate    
Pyrocat-P Film Developer  Stock  1 liter  0.043518519 Distilled Water at 120ºF 750ml

Sodium Metabisulfite 10.0g

p-Aminophenol 5.0g

Pyrocatechin 50g

Water to 1000ml
500ml water - add 750g potassium carbonate - add to make 1000ml    
TD 103  Film Developer  Use  1 liter  Tech Pan 15 min  1g Sodium Sulfite

.25g Pyrocatachin

17g Sodium carbonate 
Pyrocat HD Film Developer  Stock  1 liter    50g Catechol    

10g Soduim Bisulfite

2g Potassium Bromide

2g Phenidone
750g Potassium Carbonate Can add .1g ascorbic acid to working liter to boost contrast and developer activity (reduce times)  
Hypercat Film Developer  Stock  100 ml  1;1;100

times like xtol undiluterd
Prop glycol 75ml

ascorbic acid 2g

catechol 10g

phenidone .25g

bzt .2g

prop glycol to make 100ml
Water 75ml

sod hydroxide 10g

water to make 100ml
D76d Film Developer  Use  1 liter  125f Metol     2g

Hydrquinone   5g

Sodium Sulfite  100g

Borax         8g

Boric Acid    8g
D23 Film Developer  Use  1 liter  add a little Sodium Sulfite first 100g Sodium Sulfite

7.5g Metol

15g Sodium Bisulfite
Microdol Film Developer  Use  1 liter  add a little Sodium Sulfite First 100g Sodium Sulfite

7.5g Metol    

7.5g Sodium Bisulfite 
Pyro 510 Film Developer  Stock    510-Pyro is very active and develops most films to the appropriate contrast for silver printing in 3-5min @ 1:100 dilution, and to the density range and contrast necessary for printing on grade 2 Azo in 6-8 min. 510-Pyro can be diluted 1:250 for longer development times or contraction development of high contrast scenes. TEA 400ml

ascorbic acid 25g

pyrogallol 50g

phenidone 1.25g

TEA to 500ml
D76 H Film Developer  Use  1 liter  add a little Sodium Sulfite first then all the rest 100g Soduim Sulfite

2.5g Metol    

2g Borax
Mytol 1.5l Film Developer  Stock  1.5 liter   Sodium Sulphite 90g Sodium Metaborate 6g Sodium Ascorbate 19.5g  Phenidone .225g  Sodium Bisulphate 4.5g      
PC-TEA Film Developer  Stock  500 ml  50:1 for film - 8 min ASA 100 at 70F and 10 min ASA 400 at 70F 400ml TEA at 250

add 45g Ascorbic Acid

add 1g Potassium Bromide

add 1.25g Phenidone

add last 100ml TEA
Caffenol Film Developer  Stock  1 liter  Water 8 oz

Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 2 tsp (level)

Folger's Coffee Crystals 4 tsp (slightly rounded)
Caffenol - C Film Developer  Use  1 liter  Water 8 oz

Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 2.5 tsp (level)

Ascorbic Acid or Erythorbic Acid (97%) 1 g*

Folger's Coffee Crystals 4 tsp (slightly rounded)
Speed Doubler Perborate Film Developer  Use  500 ml  Add 166ml of 3% peroxide to water to make 500ml solution - add 5g Sodium Metaborate - Presoak the film for one minute in this solution before development        
Pyrocat pc glycol Film Developer  Stock  1 liter    1L glycol - 50g catechol - 4g ascorbic acid - 5g p-aminophenol 750g potasium carbonate     
TF3 Fixer  Stock  1 liter  Use 1:4 for paper and film 60g Sodium Sulfite   5g Sodium Metaborate  
800ml Ammonium Thiosulfate 60%
to remove pink stain, can try soaking for 2-5 minutes in a 20 gram per liter sodium carbonate bath, with agitation.    
Std Fixer Fixer  Use  1 liter    240 g   Sodium Thiosulphate

23 g Sodium Bisulphite
Kalitype Fixer Fixer  Use  1 liter    2g Sodium Sulfite   10g Sodium Carbonate   50g Sodium Thiosulfate      
Mordancage Other  Use  1 liter  Add copper chloride slowly to the water and stir.  Add acetic acid slowly and stir.  Add water to make 1 liter.  Just before use, mix solution A and B together in equal parts to produce the amount of working solution you need.

1. Bleach a wet or dry print in the mordançage solution for twice as long as it takes to fully bleach. This can take from 1 minute to 15

2. Rinse well, especially with fiber paper.

3. Rub off the disintegrating emulsion with your gloved fingertips, cotton balls, or even the plastic scouring side of a sponge if it is not being cooperative--be careful or you may rub all the emulsion off and make scratch marks.

4. Redevelop the print in any of the following: Dektol normal strength or up to a 1:5 dilution, sepia toner

5.  Remove, rinse carefully and fully, and inspect. If it is perfect, then fix the print in fixer as per normal (if it is not fully rinsed it will stink to high heaven when it gets in the fixer).  OR, don't fix, and then wash.
Copper chloride

 30 g   (2 tablespoons)   (or 10-30 g*)


Glacial acetic acid

 80 ml  (or 80-110 ml)   (or substitute 10g citric acid)
Hydrogen peroxide 10-20 vol.    
Ascorbic Acid/TEA Paper Developer  Stock  500 ml    Triethanolamine (heated to 220 deg. F)---------350 ml

Ascorbic Acid----------------------------------70 grams

Phenidone -------------------------------------2.5 grams

Dissolve all dry ingredients

Add Triethanolamine and mix to make-----------500 ml
To make 1 liter of working developer, take 50 ml of DS-14 Modified, add 300ml water at 125 deg. F, 12 grams sulfite and 30 grams carbonate, 1 gram KBr and mix. Then add cold water to make 1 liter    
Kalitype Dev Paper Developer  Use  1 liter    200g Sodium Citrate      
Kalitype Clearing Agent Paper Developer  Use  1 liter    30g Citric Acid      
Amidol Paper Developer  Use  1 liter    30g Sodium Sulfite   3g Citric Acid  
11g Amidol  
.2g Potassium Bromide
    One Day?? -
Kalitype Developer Replenisher Paper Developer  Use  200 ml Pour off 800 cc of clean developer and add 200 ml of replenisher 40g Sodium Citrate      
Ilford Paper Developer Paper Developer  Stock  1 liter  RC paper 1:9

High Contrast 1:4

Fiber 1:6
Water (125 F)--------------------------750 ml

Sodium Sulfite (anhy)-------------------110.0 grams

Hydroquninone---31.0 grams

Potassium Carbonate (anhy)---100.0 grams

Phenidone-----------1.28 grams

Potassium Bromide----5.0 grams

Sodium Hydroxide-----2.0 grams

Water to make----------1.0 liter
Dektol (D-72 Paper Developer  Stock  1 liter  1:1 to 1:4 3g  Metol

45g Sodium Sulfite

12g Hydroquinone

80g Sodium Carbonate (anhyd)

2g Potassium Bromide
Dektol Paper Developer  Stock  1 liter  1:1 to 1:4 depending on desired contrast Metol - 3g

Sodium Sulfite - 45g

Hydroquinone - 12 g

Sodium Corbonate - (Anhy) 68.4g

Potassium Bromide - 2g