Frank Hovie

Presently working for Minebea-Intec as a Tank and Hopper Specialist and National OEM manager. I really enjoy my work and I work a lot – which takes away time I could be doing my interests. I have a wonderful wife, Loretta, who is passionate about scrapbooking and that works well for me because I like making photographs. I hunt a little. I used to hunt a lot more. I do large and medium format old school photography and have a well equipped dark room. I shoot 8×10, 4×5, 120 and some 35mm. Mostly 120 and 4×5 for practical reasons. I shoot only B&W negative film and do all my own processing. I am a ham radio operator, N6FH, and have done quite a bit of “DXing” and have been to a number of islands to put them on the air. At this time, I am not set up at my present location and look forward to a day when I can again erect a decent tower. Loretta and I presently work a church project called Church in the Alley where we feed and minister to the folks that live in and around the alley. I collect and restore antique fountain pens – I love the way they write. So many interests and so little time.