My old PC

Well, it really is not all that old – less than 5 years actually. It is also far from obsolete. With two 6 core Xeon processors, 32G of RAM and 2T raid, it is no slouch machine. But then, earlier this week, it began to just shut off. The motherboard is reporting an over temp situation. This is not the first time this monster has needed repairs in its short life. But then, it is kind of a race car. The decision to scrap this amazing machine is that it is about 300W continuous. Although I enjoy having 24 threads from 12 cores, they are not all that necessary. I need to be able to virtualize up to two machines and have dozens of office application window open spanning four monitors. Doesn’t really sound all that bad right? Well – it doesn’t require dual Xeons but it needs to have some oomph though. I have three system I put into service as servers that use the Xeon E3-1245 chip – most recently a V5 version. These have been able to run several virtual machines and also serve up many files at the same time while also doing tasks like compressing and backing up. At idle, this little processor only draws about 15W. Along with drives and peripherals, I figure it will get up to about 40W with a max at about 110W. Less than a third of the power of the monster. Over a year this is a meaningful amount of energy that I do not need to waste. Also, my office is primarily on solar power and with the monster running, I have to dip into the mains for power very often. So the new system will have 16G of RAM, 2T Raid secondary and a 1T SSD primary. It will have my GTX 970 graphics card, an extra Ethernet port and a variety of other fine options. With the cannibalization of the old machine, my added expenses will be around $750. I am not going to use the old case. I also figure I will use Windows 10 on this one as the old beast did not like the upgrade. It will be dual boot of course. I am liking LXLE these days. It is based on Ubuntu repos and has an lite desktop but it is loaded with enough features to make it easy to use. I will not run Win in a VM for this though. The graphics card really needs the Windows drivers to really work well, which has always been a disappointment to me.

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